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Customer Experience
Salesforce, CRM and Agile

At CloudtoShare, we help you with flexible services improving Customer Experience and getting the best results out of Cloud Technology, Salesforce and CPQ.

Consultancy    Services

Salesforce Connsultant

Project Services

Salesforce Project Manager



Salesforce, CRM, AI, Agile Coach

Are you looking for temporary expertise? Is the progress of a planned implementation at risk or do you have capacity issues?


Get  in touch with us to assist you with  Agile Development, Salesforce, CRM and CPQ needs. Achieve higher performances for your organization with flexible services.

Why Choose CloudtoShare?

With our flexible services we are dedicated to providing your business with innovative and customized solutions to improve your customer experience.  

"Partner with CloudtoShare for flexible expertise when it's needed most"

Salesforce Consultant and Project Manager


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Achieve higher performances with more flexible Salesforce capacity

We are dedicated to understanding your business and providing you with flexible expertise to realize your objectives. We support organizations - Salesforce End Users and Salesforce Partners - with flexible services implementing Salesforce.

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Elevate Customer Experience

We understand the importance of delivering personalized and seamless experience at every touchpoint,  you can rest assured we unlock your potential of your Salesforce platform.

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Create Customer 360 view


Harness the Power of Artificial Intelligence

Salesforce CRM, Sales Cloud, CPQ
Salesforce, CRM, AI, Scrum Agile Way of Working

Agile Implementations 

We believe in the power of Agile methodologies to drive innovation and efficiency with Scrum and KANBAN









We have international experience with industry leaders

Our Business Relations

Why Companies Choose CloudtoShare?

"CloudtoShare is extremely result driven"

Proactive ensuring goals are met, planning kept and resources properly utilized.


Rob Kooijmans, VP Service Platforms at Volvo Financial Services

Our Solutions

From Salesforce CRM to Agile solutions - let's work flexible.

We are dedicated to understanding your business and providing you with flexible solutions to improve your customer experience. Let us help your organization by carrying out temporary work and projects. 

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