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Unleash the incredible power of AI with the #1 CRM

Updated: Aug 1, 2023

Salesforce incredible innovative power goes on and on.👏 Say Hello to AI and unlock the potential of your CRM with new available AI features. ✨ Take advantage of this moment to update your roadmap and prepare for the future that is already here now. Are you working on this already or do you wait and see?

Salesforce AI solution: Salesforce is embedding Einstein GPT’s generative AI capabilities across all Salesforce products. And through the Einstein GPT Trust Layer, which provides enterprise-ready data security and compliance safeguards, organizations are empowered to increase productivity and engage with customers in personalized ways without sacrificing trust.

Available Service GPT features include:

  • Service Replies: Service GPT customers can auto-generate personalized responses grounded in relevant, real-time data sources, helping service agents resolve customer issues faster.

  • Work Summaries: Users can create wrap-up summaries of service cases and customer engagements based on case data and customer history.

Available Sales GPT features include:

  • Sales Emails: Reps can auto-generate personalized emails with CRM context, either from inside Sales Cloud or through Gmail and Outlook, with just a single click. This reduces a time-consuming, yet critical step in the sales process.


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